We believe that investor crowd psychology often causes financial markets to be imperfect pricing mechanisms in the short run. A portfolio invested in out of favor companies trading at a discount to intrinsic value stands to profit from the mean reverting nature of the equity markets over the long run.

Irving Magee Investment Management, LLC strives to generate positive absolute returns, not just relative to a benchmark. Central to this goal is our belief in the downside protection offered by value oriented securities as we seek to avoid a permanent loss of capital. From an attribution perspective, we expect our security selection to consistently outweigh other contributing factors. Our bottom-up, fundamentally driven approach is coupled with a top-down macroeconomic view and a front end screening process. Through our macroeconomic work we develop an outlook on global economies and markets hoping to identify trends and themes that will benefit specific sectors and industries. Our screening process is used to winnow down potential securities for purchase to a manageable universe. Most importantly, our independent appraisal of individual equities provides the opportunity for superior returns over a full market cycle.